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The president –  a play about leadership och communication 

Join in on an exciting journey, filled with fantasy, humour and reflection.

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The author and director of the play is Terri-Lynne S. Waldvik. The title role is played by the actor Per Waldvik. Translation Erik Gärdekrans and Eija Gärdekrans.Technician and factotum Michaela Bönke/Erik Gärdekrans.


The story

“The President” is about Viktor Dahl, a man in his best years. As a little boy, he wanted to become a lumberjack in the forest, just like his grandpa. To have his own horse, like grandpa. But life takes another turn. Victor becomes an artist. Europe becomes his arena. Victor’s role models, grandpa and the horse Kasper, will play significant parts in his life. As an artist, Viktor learns a lot about the creative process, which he can make use of, as he later becomes the manager of a successful company. What could manager Victor learn from the artist’s fantasy and creativity?

Rosarium Production, which produces and performs customized theatre plays to managers and staff, communicates knowledge based on experience. Following the play, a discussion takes place about the different themes from the performance along with tailor-made questions.

Our trademark

Rosarium’s trademark is to use the many-faceted means of expression to create energy, curiosity and recognition. We believe that emotional intelligence is an important force, which gives rise to thought and reflection with our audience.
We offer complete theatre plays as a basis for productive discussions and dialogue concerning questions that are urgent to managers and their staff.

Back Themes from The President

* Creativity – Innovation and new thinking
* Leading skills – The art of leadership
* Taking pleasure in your work – Can we afford it?
* Your workplace is your stage – Your role as a leader
* Nonverbal messages – The meaning of your body language
* Role models – Giving and receiving inspiration
* Success and failure – To grow as a leader
* Stress / Balance in life – From the steady rhythm on the horseback to the jet plane.         Is there time enough?

Useful facts and themes for discussion from “The President”
Customers who order this concept are municipalities, county councils, businesses and public service companies, such as Atlas Copco Rock Drills and Scania.

Duration of the play approximately 90 minutes.
Subsequent discussion approximately 2-4 hours.

The play is often used as a one or half a day seminar. It functions as a frame of reference based on experience for the course attendees and may well be used as a base for further education.

This is us / the Writer and the Actor
Leadership training with AB Rosarium Production

Per Waldvik
Actor / Producer / Coach


Foto:Sonja Sandström

During a period of 30 years, Per Waldvik has worked in movies, TV, and stage theatre, at among others, Dramaten, Statsteatern, Östgötateatern, Folkteatern and Fria Teatern.
Per drew his sword against the dragon in the film The Apple War by Hasse & Tage, and threw a hand grenade in the well-known TV series Någonstans I Sverige by Jolo. Thanks to this series Per got his breakthrough and became Morsgrisen, the sweetheart of the Swedish TV audience. In the TV series Lära för livet by Carin Mannheimer, a series about education in the mid 70’s, in which Per fought for his pupils in the shape of a young idealist.

Terri-Lynne S.Waldvik
Playwright / Actress / Director

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Photo: Per Waldvik
Terri-Lynne Sandberg was born in the US and lives in Sweden since 1961. She holds a M. A. in Creative Writing from the University of Lund, Sweden. Her experience from theatre is wide as an actress, playwright, director and theatrical photographer. She has been working at Dramaten, Statsteatern, Orionteatern, Pistolteatern, Östgötateatern, etc. She has worked in film, radio and TV as well as in her own productions Turbulens, Zlatan & Herr Lindelöf and The President which she has both written and directed.

Satisfied Customers

Tove N Eriksson
Resposible for the education at Frösunda LSS AB

“The President is a very beautiful and thought provoking play, which invites thought and reflection. We are very pleased to have been given the opportunity to present our 250 managers and the administrative staff with this experience in connection with our annual Sweden Conference! This is exactly what we will set off time to do now; thought and reflection…”

Mickael Smith
HR-manager at Rejlers Ingenjörer

“We wanted to do something new for our yearly Leadership Conference.
The President presented us with a different, entertaining and appreciated way for us to inspire and develop our managers in leadership skills.”

Bengt Sundelin
Business Manager at Boliden Mineral
Malin Söderman
HR- and Environmental Manager


“In order to get thoughts and discussions going about leadership among our managers and team leaders, we chose to have a kick-off with Per Waldvik and The President.
The play in combination with the subsequent discussion led to reflection and gave the participants new impulses and ideas concerning their own leadership, which for most of them was new and unexpected.”


Press Realises about our Work 

Rosarium Production



From a whole page article by
Gunilla Kempe – Dagens Industri

The manager takes the leading role
The play The President deals with the good leadership, good and bad role models, difficulties encountered by leaders and experiences from success and setbacks. Per Waldvik describes his play as a colourful piece of fabric interspersed with both seriousness and comedy. All theatrical dimensions have been explored: music, dance, speech and mimes.
The play is about the importance of slowing down and thinking about where one is heading for. Essential messages in the play are the subtle messages: the importance of body language, the perfect team, joy in the creative process, growing as a human being, time for reflection, sources of inspiration and leadership as an art.”


From a whole page article by

Bosse Andersson – Dagens Nyheter

“It is time for the leader to think about his role!
“Wow Kasper, wow!” Viktor Dahl pulls the reins and dreams of becoming a lumber jack like his grandpa. With a horse like Kasper. But his journey will be very different than the one behind the timber load. All HR-managers at Södersjukhuset in Stockholm have met Viktor in the play The President. – A nice touch which creates an arena for reflection, says Christina Söderholm, who is executive director for 3 400 employees. – This day may have given us new inspiration and new insights, she says. This year’s Conference on Leadership Development broke off our habits in many respects.
It has been highly appreciated.”


From a whole page article by
Lars Hillås – Svenska Dagbladet

“Leadership brought to its head by acting
Artistic methods provide leadership training with new perspectives.
The role you play – what does it matter? Is leadership encouraged by the use of different masks? During a period of two years, Huddinge Universitetssjukhus, has sent all managers to attend courses where, among others, they have met the actor Per Waldvik and his character – Viktor Dahl. Vice President Thorbjörn Ekström informs us that when the hospital was converted into an independent subsidiary company, two years ago, the line managers got more responsibility two years ago, in order to cope, 430 line managers took courses in, among other things, financial management, ethics and leadership. Our objective is set on acquiring both new skills and individual reflection.”
The following customers have used services offered by AB Rosarium Production and successfully been able to use our concept and our theatre plays.

175 authorities, town district administrative untits, unions, companies and municipalities.

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